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Does Your Records Storage and Records Management Provider Meet Your Standards? It started with a few customers complaining about an odor from plastic containers; it ended with wave after wave of...
Protecting Records on the Road In 2008, a courier transporting hospital records to a Utah storage facility left the files in a company vehicle overnight. Thieves broke in and helped...
Few words spark as much anxiety in an organization as this one: “audit.” Yet a little preparation can avoid a lot of hand-wringing. Here are some proactive steps you can...
Assess and Prepare Before Audits Happen An audit used to mean a financial review done by an accountant (or, disconcertingly, an IRS agent). Now this formal examination process applies to...
A Legal Sampler Managing records and documents involves more laws, acts, standards and regulations than you might think. And the rules don’t apply only to third-party RIM providers; many regulations...
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