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At Abraxas, we know that our customers have entrusted us to manage one of their most important assets – their intellectual property.  That’s why we take the job we do very seriously.

While other records management companies can store your boxes, Abraxas is founded on a strong commitment to meeting the highest standards for quality and stewardship.  We also believe that innovative solutions through continuous research and development offer customers novel solutions for operational effectiveness and cost efficiencies.  We do not just store records, but aim to help our customers “get to a better place” with their Records Management Program.  This requires a partner you can trust and rely on.

Because we address records throughout their lifecycle (from creation to destruction), we are able to help customers ensure that their regulatory, legal and tax obligations are met leveraging our proven compliance program.  From policies and SOPs that govern the way we protect client information, to formalized work instructions, to ensure every project is completed to exacting specifications, we incorporate compliance into everything we do.

We work with our clients to create customized records management strategies that address their regulatory demands as well as financial and business objectives.  We help our clients identify all of their archived information assets to ensure no record is left behind, then offer services to enhance the metadata and understanding of those collections.  We process our clients’ electronic information for archive, ensuring retention needs are met.  And we assign dedicated record experts to our clients so they can retrieve whatever they want when they need it.

This thorough approach to records management maximizes the value of your information investment, elevating past records into reusable assets that drive current and future decisions.

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