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Document Imaging, Records Scanning, & Media Services

Integrating digital technology into your business is easier and less costly than you think. For decades, organizations across the globe have turned to Abraxas as their trusted records scanning, document scanning, and document imaging company to transform their physical records into valuable business knowledge.

Legal Practice With Digital Solutions


Our document imaging, document scanning, and media solutions improve workflow, enhance accessibility, and promote cost savings for both small collection digitization and larger ongoing initiatives. We can assist with general physical record imaging, laboratory notebook and bound book scanning, oversized and blueprint imaging, scan-on-demand services, and high-volume projects.

Our media solutions and document scanning services support conversion, duplication, retrieval, extraction, data processing, and more for everything from beta tapes and x-rays to microfilm and floppy disks.


At Abraxas, we believe how we do business is as important as the records scanning, document imaging, and document scanning services we offer, which is why we’re committed to:

Taking a Partnership Approach

We work closely with each client to learn about their records scanning and document imaging needs, so we fully understand their situation upfront. When we take the time to truly connect with each client, the work we do not only solves their immediate needs but continues to add value for years to come.

Providing a Quality Driven Product

Our retrieval procedures are timely and secure, allowing for expedient access to records, including same-day support, delivery, and transportation, secure onsite review rooms, and scan-on-demand. Each client also works with a central point of contact for the perfect balance of convenience and security.

Offering Tailored Solutions

We offer completely customizable imaging options backed by advanced technology, cross-platform capabilities, and scalable operations. Our clients can always trust our end product will be in the exact format they need to easily search and access all their business-critical records and information.


  • Reduce their physical footprint and free up valuable real estate.
  • Improve accessibility to business-critical information by having it available at their fingertips 24/7.
  • Enhance productivity by streamlining processes and allowing users to collaborate and share information in real-time regardless of their location.
  • Mitigate risk and reduce spend by ensuring compliance and eliminating costly resource efforts associated with locating and reviewing physical files.


Backfile & Special Project Scanning

If you’re unsure if it makes financial sense to digitally convert your records, look to our team of knowledge experts for support. We’ll work closely with you to assess your records and help you prioritize to ensure each scanning project will add value to your company before you make the investment. Our backfile and special project scanning is ideal for records that are accessed daily and records with longer retention periods.


Day forward scanning is a great option if your company isn’t ready to fully transition to a paperless environment. Our team will work closely with you to help identify a timeline and establish a program for digitizing records on a go forward basis. Our day-forward solutions minimize cost, ensure accessibility, and helps companies progress towards their goal of a paperless office.

Scan on Demand

Gain immediate access to the records you need and minimize costs by only paying for what you need through our scan on demand document scanning services. For decades, our teams have been supporting our client’s business, audit, and legal needs by carefully locating, scanning, and digitally delivering the exact records they need, when they need them.

Book Scanning

Ensure the security, preservation, and accessibility of your most sensitive and business-critical record assets through our cohesive book scanning solutions. Our team of imaging experts is fully equipped to digitally transform everything from auxiliary data books and laboratory notebooks to corporate board minutes and account registers.

Large Format Record Scanning

Complicated imaging and scanning projects, including large format scanning, is no problem for Abraxas. We have the equipment to handle your biggest documents! From posters to blueprints, drawings, maps, and more, our oversized scanners can capture it all.

Media Conversion

Rely on our affordable and effective conversion services to protect your media from harmful deterioration and ensure they are in a compactable format for long term use and accessibility. We are equipped to convert, duplicate, and process media of various formats, including:

Media Conversions:

  • Microfilm (16mm or 35 mm roll)
  • Aperture cards
  • Microfiche (negative or positive film)
  • 35 mm Negatives
  • 35 mm Slides
  • X-Rays
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • 3 ½ inch floppy disks
  • Zip Floppy disks
  • Flash drives/hard drives

Video Conversions:

  • Videocassette (VHS)
  • Betamax (standard, SuperBeta, Beta HiFi)
  • 16mm film (with sound)
  • Mini DV Cassette (DVC)

Audio Conversions:

  • CD
  • Audio cassette
  • Micro-cassette

Hundreds of different media formats exist between audio, video, film, and data storage alone. Many of the older formats require obsolete equipment making them increasingly difficult to process. Engaging a provider that is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also one that is well-equipped can become crucial. At Abraxas, we work hard to find a solution for each client’s needs by advancing our program, expanding our service capabilities, and purchasing additional equipment when needed. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please Contact Us to speak with a team member today and will work hard to find a solution for you.


One of the biggest components of a successful digital transformation is ensuring adequate metadata is captured in the process so that search and retrieval efforts can happen seamlessly. Having a comprehensive indexing strategy also promotes timely and defensible retention and destruction program, so your organization is always in compliance.

Whether it’s a new document scanning project or an existing digital record collection, our indexing and OCR services can help capture all the required names, dates, numbers, and unique keywords needed for expedient retrieval and retention. Our flexible model is designed to fit any need and budget.

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