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Our Team

The perfect blend of innovators, perfectionists, and records management experts focused on delivering results and creating a space where everyone thrives.


Our leadership team is committed to providing each of our clients and employees with a positive experience. We strive for excellence, efficiency, and a healthy work environment – and that’s what makes us the better choice.

Meghann Weinberg


Brant Horne

Director of Customer Experience and Technology Solutions

Cindy Yankovich

Customer Experience Manager

Derek Twite

Director of Facilities and Internal Projects

Rachel Latham

Human Resources Manager

Megan Morris

Customer Development Manager

Brynn Anderson

Legal Services Attorney

Team member from Abraxas Worldwide

Customer Experience

Our brilliant team of Customer Experience associates and project managers work closely with each client to understand their unique need and connect them to the right Abraxas solution. Whether a customer needs assistance retrieving a specific file or implementing a new project, our team of friendly and caring experts are there to assist every step of the way.


Our production team of quality and data driven experts are committed to helping our customers obtain operational excellence by carefully indexing, scanning, and processing each of their records in the exact format needed, when they need it.

Abraxas Worldwide worker in a document storage and retrieval warehouse

Inventory Management & Materials Handling

Our Inventory Management & Materials Handling team of friendly professionals oversee the movement of each record and information asset in our care throughout their lifecycle. From client pickups and deliveries, to mobile record collections, and more, they carefully ensure each record is tracked point to point from the time they enter our facility to the time they leave, and all the different activities in between.

document scanning company digitizing a warehouse


Our talented and driven Facilities team members work around the clock to keep our state-of-the-art facility safe, secure, and beautifully maintained. Day in and day out, they monitor everything from access control and facility security to environmental conditions, fire suppression systems, and more.

Large document storage and retrieval warehouse in Michigan

Information Technology

Our Information Technology experts are devoted to the protection, privacy, and security of the business and the information assets we care for. They support and implement various technology and security strategies across the business, supports both internal and external end users, and keeps our Information and Security program up-to-date through various research, audits, testing, and validation efforts.

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